Since the onset of COVID-19 and physical distancing rules, many people living with RA have had to forego in-person visits with their doctor despite their need for ongoing care. Virtual care and telemedicine have become more common, and it is important to commit to keeping your health top-of-mind and take charge of your RA.

See how Eileen is living with her RA during the COVID-19 pandemic

Navigating virtual care

You may have questions about virtual care, such as:

  • Is virtual care effective?
  • Do I have access to the right technology to connect with my doctor?
  • How will virtual care affect my relationship with my doctor?

The following tips and tricks can help prepare you for virtual visits with your healthcare providers.

Arranging your virtual visit:


  • Book your appointment. If you are able to see a doctor without an appointment, find out how to get into the "virtual waiting room" so that you can be seen as soon as the doctor is available.
  • Complete and submit any required consent forms for the use of virtual visits.
  • Ask the doctor's office how to send any information that can make the visit more efficient, such as symptom questionnaires or photos.

Preparing your communications device

  • Choose whether you will use a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Make sure the device is fully charged or plugged in.
  • Download the app or install the software that your doctor's office uses for virtual visits.
  • Use a wired instead of wireless connection whenever possible.

Getting comfortable

  • Find a comfortable seat with enough lighting so the doctor can see you.
  • Choose a private space away from others.
  • Eliminate as much surrounding noise as possible. 

Communicating clearly

  • Remain in front of the camera and speak clearly so the doctor can see and hear you
  • Present your symptoms and answer questions as clearly and directly as possible.
  • Make notes about the doctor's opinion and recommendations. Ask questions if anything isn't clear.

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